The 4° team is an eclectic collection of people from diverse and different backgrounds with the commonality of sharing the vision and ideology of the 4 ° way. Wait and watch as each of these individuals profiles grow and expand as they tread unfamiliar territory.

Tamal Bhatia - Mentor

Tamal is the Founder of 4° Consulting and focuses his energies on developing OD initiatives for clients and creating learning frameworks. He mentors the Team Building initiative with his experience of over a decade in diverse areas of organizational dynamics. A firm believer in the experiential learning process, Tamal has successfully designed and developed indigenous games and activities including a complete simulation game on collaboration ‘Starship Enterprise’ that addresses the behavioral aspects of collaboration. Tamal has worked with many companies including AOL India, Boeing India, Cairn India, Philips Innovation Campus, NXP Semi-Conductors, Alstom, Areva, Nestle and Wipro to name a few. Prior to founding 4° Consulting, Tamal was heading Product Development at Bluesky Learning a Great Indian Outdoors (P) Ltd company where he was a Director and is an alumnus of NMIMS, Mumbai. Tamal is a certified practitioner of the MBTI from Association of Psychological Type, USA and has attended experiential programming and facilitation workshops with Project Adventure, USA who are worldwide leaders in experiential education.

Ruchi Saha Co- Founder & COO 4° Education

Ruchi has the distinction of being the Youngest and the 1st Women Fighter Controller of the Indian Air Force and was recognized for her smooth and competent handling of the Punjab sector by the Air Officer Commanding. Her 7 years stint with diverse sectors of the Indian Air Force has enabled her to gain enormous insight into managing people and the inherent challenges therein.

Having worked in a wide variety of conditions and situations Ruchi saw the inherent need for large scale soft skill competency deployment across the country and brings that imperative to 4 ° Education. A strong believer of the marriage of hard and soft skills, she highlights the fact that while hard skills can be aggressively trained, without the relevant soft skills they have no meaning and that creating soft skills is much more challenging.

She has worked as the Head HR & Training for Mimoza micro finance where she has incubated ideas of learning and development for the unorganized sector and put some of her experiences into the core values of 4° Education. Prior to this she was a Senior HR manager with GENPACT impacting policy, training and administration of over 5000 employees and is a trained and tested HR green belt.

As Co-founder and COO of 4° Education, she is responsible for deployment and market orientation for the organization with a specialization in need analysis and customization. Ruchi has a management degree from Symbiosis Pune and is an alumnus of IIM Indore. A committed learner for life she has travelled extensively across the country and has a love for the outdoors and adventure travel. She can be reached at

Pratvii Ponnappa – Co- Founder & Sr. Facilitator – Experiential Learning

Pratvii is a Co-Founder of 4 ° Team Building and a self made individual with many facets to him. His passion for the outdoors and desire to constantly push himself to come up in spades is a quality that makes him an invaluable asset to the team building process. His ability to draw contexts for participants beyond the obvious and make them looks at what can be bettered is a trade mark of his facilitation style. A true believer in the 4 ° philosophy of limitless learning Pratvii has created activities that have a fresh feel to them in the space of team building. He is constantly working a various aspects of product development that would serve the team building fraternity better.

Pratvii started his career as a Facilitator in the outbound space before trying his hands as a communications specialist where he did very well. Prior to Co-Founding 4 ° Team Building, Pratvii was a senior partner with Clea PR. He has a combined work experience of over 5 years with a wide variety of Brands and uses his industry expertise to create connects for program participants.

With the belief that learning is a constant in life and the importance of a work life balance, Pratvii has equipped himself very well for the learning space with varied interests from Cycling to Reiki. He can be contacted at

Renu Kotian – NLP and Experiential Specialist

Renu is an NLP specialist who found her true calling while being part of the corporate world. After having worked with the ARN group and Karle group in Human resources she looked to contribute to people development in a more meaningful manner and started working as a Facilitator. She remains passionate about the basic raw material that goes into the corporate world and dedicated her weekends to working with graduating MBA students to get them better prepared for the rigors of the corporate world.She can be reached at

Rohit Kumaria – Sr. Facilitator

Rohit’s love for learning started almost 2 decades ago owing to his siblings interest in psychology and he has remained a student ever since. Though, he prefers to use his insights into deconstructing the way people and groups behave and function. Rohit is a hospitality industry graduate and has been conducting experiential programs for the last decade. Rohit was with Bluesky Learning Prior to joining 4° and is the architect of using food creation as a team building activity and other creative games.

Roshan Moily – Facilitator

Roshan is a communication specialist who uses his skills in this area and his love for working with people to bring vigor, vitality and insights into the experiential process. His ability to get teams to go beyond their abilities to solve problems and look at things in new light is the highlight of his work ethic. Roshan is passionate about the outdoors and can often be found in corners of the country that you did not even know existed.

Prashanth Nayak – Associate Business Development

Prashanth brings his considerable skills as an event manager to the fore in understanding the various aspects of team building that any customer requires. He has a clear understanding of what the clients' needs are and what would be an appropriate intervention to suit their requirements. He translates the clients' needs to the programming team in order to customize and deliver a high quality program.

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