About Us

4° Team Building owes its genesis to the philosophy of the limitless learning opportunities that exist and that if the desire remains, irrespective of whether one goes East, West, North or South, there is always something that is worthy of learning. Also, a key essence of creating engagement is about lowering the barrier and distance between people, thus while conventionally the six degrees of separation hold for any two people in the world, 4° seeks to reduce barriers and distances among individuals in organizations.

Team Building is a process of learning (and sometimes unlearning) and a fundamental to that effort is creating engagement, something that we take seriously at 4°. All our team related programs are intended to create a high level of traction among participants to communicate and in the process surpass individual barriers.

With experiential learning as the base, that allows for a level playing field to all members, our endeavor is for participants to look at making things better at a team level in the process. Though new in conception, 4° Team Building comes with an entrepreneurial pedigree to make a difference in this space by providing newer and richer experiences and is backed by over a decade of expertise in conducting teambuilding programs.

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