Conference Plus

A conference is a valuable resource that brings people together in a single location for a specific purpose. Keeping that in mind we have created a specific product that would add an edge to your conference and address the 3 e's in a Conference, Energise-Engage and Empower.

Often, the 3 e's take a backseat during conferences and the purpose of getting people together is forgotten. In a typical conference scenario the focus is on dissemination, while the 3 e's are left to chance.

With Conference plus, we seek to bring a new dimension to captivating audiences so that they talk of the event well after its finishing.

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In a nutshell, we bring Energy, Engagement & Empowerment to your conferences / meetings.

Key Organizational Themes:

Help achieve greater things by working together
Optimise team talent
Reinforce the power of excellent leadership
Emphasize the importance of effective communication
Create an impact of appropriate resource utilisation
Learn how unanimous focus on a single task leads to success
Improve team effectiveness
Increase productivity
Achieve success to increase motivation and job satisfaction


How to solve it!

Problem Solving is not an inborn quality But it can be taught is the thought behind these activitities. A key asset for every team and organisation.
Activity Duration - 1 hr to ½ a day.

Speedy Gonzales

Like the name suggests speed and precision are the key here.
Activity Duration - 15 to 30 mins.

Race Against Time

A set of activities bound by time which requires team members get their hands dirty and get out of their comfort zone.
Activity Duration - 2 hrs - Full day


Perfect for conferences and team meetings


15 minutes to 2 days


Size 5 - 1000+


30,000 onwards
(10.3% tax applicable)
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