Outbound / Adventure

Outbound or Adventure Learning is about being away from the thick of action to reflect and contemplate how an individual works in relation to the team he or she is a part of. The setting and the atmosphere provides for a level playing field for all concerned as does the activity profile that requires people to come out of their comfort zones which are both physical and mental.

This remains a group process for individual and team exploration.  Read more

Real Time

The study of cause and effect remains the essence of human learning. The REAL TIME platform seeks to replicate scenarios and circumstance that are akin to the pressures and challenges that teams and individuals face with a requirement to deliver in real time, it encompasses the essence of strategy through execution and provides insights into how teams and individuals function.

A classical example of unlearning to learn.  Read more

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Simulation Gaming

A learning platform geared for demonstrating how behaviours are consistent and the attitudes that individuals have are unsurprisingly the same across different spaces that we operate in. In a short duration and almost any kind of a setting the games allow for a surprising amount of behavioural data that can be processed and correlated to how teams and individuals function in the work place. It also provides inputs for a variety of developmental needs that organizations need to address.  Read more

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The essence of being in a team is to create that very spirit of harmony that one feels through various Art forms and understand the complexity that each of these forms have even while achieving that harmony, something that individuals strive to do while working together.

This is a great platform to explore the softer and intangible aspects of teams and how individuals relate to them.  Read more

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En Masse

One of the most challenging aspects of working a team building program is to have all participants especially when large numbers engaged in the same activity.

This unique platform works on team events and ideas that provide solutions for team sizes above 200 people. Be it a common theme or message that the organization wants to work with. En masse nails it with a single event for everyone. All participants go through the same experience.  Read more

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Building Blocks

Making of anything from scratch, even the smallest of things remains a challenge that most people would find difficult. Though in principle and on paper things look surprisingly easy, it the nitty-gritty and interconnectedness that needs to be handled.

This Platform represents challenges of working on projects and all the complexities thereof.  Read more

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Quick Time

40 mins to 4 hours is how we would classify this engagement platform. It has a variety of activities that just exactly work on a short schedule without diluting the essence of team building. It is easy to work anywhere and from conference room premises to hallways and more comfortable environs of hotel lawns.

QUICK TIME seeks to address the teambuilding needs to those teams that are in a hurry, but still need something concrete.  Read more

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Welcome to 4° Team Building!

Talent Engagement will consistently continue to represent challenges to organizations across its many stages and phases. The process of organizational learning today has left behind a linear progression and has leapt into dimensions that are non-linear and randomized, thus requiring constant thought and application in how learning can be maximized. Keeping with the belief that learning comes in many forms and hues, our endeavor is create experiences that match the talent expectations of your organization.

4° Team Building brings exciting new products and thought processes that allow organizations to engage their talent pool meaningfully by creating new avenues of learning, though we sometimes need to unlearn to Learn Again!

Welcome to 4° Team Building; New horizons, unbound Learning!
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Focus of the Month - Conference Plus

Conference Plus

A conference is a valuable resource that brings people together in a single location for a specific purpose. Keeping that in mind we have created a specific product that would add an edge to your conference and address the 3 e's in a Conference, Energise-Engage and Empower.
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Large Format Events - En Masse

Achieving synergy through a common experience is something that organizations often talk about. But in their team building efforts how many are able to actualize that reality. 4 ° Team Building brings to you the En Masse Platform created exactly for just that. Irrespective of the size you have in mind from 200 – 2000, we can take all the participants through a unique experience at the same time. With any kind of customization possible, relating this to relevant themes or other key messages is an integral part of this platform.   Read more

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